Do You Have A Lingering Injury?
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Full Recovery With No Pain?

Our Exercise Physiology patients improve dramatically in just 6-8 weeks using our treatment programs.

We strive to help patients make full recoveries from musculoskeletal injuries. Individually tailored exercise physiology treatment programs designed for your unique medical situation to help ensure a lasting recovery.


Treatment Eligibility: Can We Help You?

At this time we are only able to provide in-person Exercise Physiology treatment services to patients who are located within our Sydney mobile treatment areas (listed below) or are able to attend one of our available facility locations.

Patients who fall outside of the geographical mobile treatment areas can still access our Exercise Physiology treatment services via Telehealth.

NOTE: Telehealth patients will receive the same high level of individualised care from our Exercise Physiologists as those receiving in-person treatment services.

Mobile Treatment Areas (Sydney)

✅ Greater Western Sydney

Suburbs in this area include:
Blacktown, Blaxland, MtDruitt, Mulgoa, Penrith, Richmond, Windsor

✅ South West Sydney

Suburbs in this area include:
Bankstown, Bonnyrigg, Campbelltown, Leppington, Liverpool, Milperra

✅ Western Suburbs

Suburbs in this area include:
Guildford, Lidcombe, Northmead, Parramatta, Seven Hills, Toongabbie

The mobile treatment regions listed above are not limited to the suburbs shown. These suburbs are just a guide to help you determine if you are within the geographical regions that we are currently providing mobile treatment services. You may also be eligible for treatment via Telehealth if you are not in the area of a mobile treatment site.

Health Schemes We Treat Patients Under:

If you have been injured in an accident, then this is the place for you.
We work with you to get the care you need for a lasting recovery and pain-free life.

✅ Worker's Compensation Insurance Claims

✅ Compulsory Third Party Insurance Claims

✅ Lifetime Care & Support Insurance Claims

❌ National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

❌ Private Health Funds & Cash Paying Patients

❌ Medicare - Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) Plans

"I was really surprised with how quickly Fitco was able to help me recover from my back injury and get back to work!"

Gus Le | Blacktown NSW
Worker's Compensation Patient

Fitco Health Technologies


Make A Phone

Make an appointment to discuss your current pain situation with our Program Managers to learn if we can assist your recovery and how you can get started ASAP.


Complete An Online
Treatment Request Form

Eligible patients will need to complete a treatment request form (online) so we can discuss your injury with the insurer and organise any necessary approvals.


Get Started With Your Treatment Program

Attend 1-on-1 sessions with your Exercise Physiologist who will prescribe a tailored treatment program to aid your recovery; adjusting it to suit your needs.


What Is Exercise Physiology treatment?

Exercise Physiology is an active (rather than passive) form of treatment, with patients experiencing physiological adaptations to the varying levels of graded physical activity performed, based on their situation.

In our programs you will perform prescribed exercises in an environment that promotes the restoration of your physical function. This may be in the form of a gym / fitness centre, your home or even your workplace.

Why do you need Exercise Physiology treatment?

It is critical that you receive the right treatment as soon as you sustain an injury, as this may dictate the challenges that you may face in your recovery. Unfortunately for many patients, musculoskeletal injuries are often mismanaged and lack the direction of an effective treatment plan.

When is it appropriate for Exercise Physiology treatment?

Too often we hear of patients who remain tied to a passive treatment program with little to no improvement, being advised to take a “wait and see” approach that effectively reduces their chance of recovery with every week that passes by.

We find that patients who participate in our Exercise Physiology treatment programs recover much more quickly to their normal lifestyle faster; if they come to us in the first 6-12 weeks after their injury.

If you find that you recovery is taking longer than expected and your current treatment is no longer resulting in significant improvements, then it is time to rethink your treatment strategy and consider getting an Exercise Physiologist involved.

Do you run group programs?

No. When we work with our patients, we are extremely mindful that everyone has a situation that is unique to them; and this same rule applies to you. This is why we do not believe in group treatment programs as this is the same as offering a “cookie cutter” type “one-size fits all” treatment program. They simply are not tailored to work for everyone.

Do you treat patients outside of Mobile Service Areas listed?

The suburbs listed in the Mobile Service Areas on this page, is to act as a rough guide to outline the geographical areas that we service in the Sydney metropolitan area. Should your suburb not be listed there, but is nearby to one that is shown; there is a still good chance that we can still facilitate treatment to you in person. However it would be a good idea to contact us to confirm.

Additionally, those patients outside of our Mobile Service Areas can still access treatment via Telehealth.

Are you still delivering Exercise Physiology treatment during COVID-19?

Yes! Even though delivering exercise physiology treatment in this current climate is challenging with the changing restrictions that have been put in place to manage the spread of COVD-19; we are still committed to assisting our patients where possible.

We promise to continue to be vigilant in our response to COVID-19 (see our COVID Safe plan here); and wish to remain innovative in the way that we continue to facilitate exercise physiology treatment to our patients; (including offering Telehealth services to all patients where in-person treatment isn't possible).

Can I simple Refer a Patient to get started with exercise physiology?

Of course you can!

You can complete an online referral form here to help expediate the approval process with the insurer; or you can ask your GP write a referral letter to Fitco Health Technologies for exercise physiology treatment.

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