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At Fitco Health Technologies we define hydrotherapy treatment as the effective implementation of prescribed exercises in an aquatic environment heated specifically to 28 – 34 degrees celsius; restoring mobility and physical function to overcome your musculoskeletal injury.

Why do you need Hydrotherapy?

HydrotherapyMusculoskeletal injuries can be easily aggravated with simple weight bearing activities like standing or walking, due to the effect of gravity.

So we reduce the risk of you aggravating your injury, by starting you in the pool where you are able to improve functional characteristics such as mobility, flexibility, stability and balance.

We safely prepare you to be physically active on land when it is medically appropriate to do so, as we incorporate the benefits of Exercise Physiology into all our Hydrotherapy treatment programs.

When should you start Hydrotherapy?

If you have mobility issues that prevent you from moving freely without pain, then hydrotherapy is likely a treatment modality that you may benefit from.

” We find that patients who participate in our hydrotherapy programs recover much more quickly and return to their normal lifestyle faster; if they come to us in the first 6-8 weeks after their injury. The longer you delay in getting started, the harder it is for you to make your full recovery.”

If you are still having passive forms of treatment (such as physiotherapy, massage therapy and chiropractic treatment) after 6-8 weeks without significant improvement, then you should seriously reconsider your current rehabilitation treatment plan because it may not be working for your situation.

Why you should work with us…

Before we start working with you, we recommend that you Request A Call Back from one of our Program Managers to discuss your specific situation with you to determine whether hydrotherapy treatment is the best way forward to facilitate your recovery.

But if you are looking for a specific reasons why you should work with us…then look no further!

Your tailor-made solution!

When we work with our patients, we are extremely mindful that everyone has a situation that is unique to them; and this same rule applies to you.

This is why we do not believe in offering a “cookie cutter” type of “one-size fits all” treatment program, they simply don’t work for everyone.

We understand your pain.

We understand that you are the only person who truly understands your pain and what you are going through. But as health professionals, we use specific techniques that allow us to sight visual cues and behaviours that are key indicators of pain; and draw upon our experience of working with hundreds of other patients with situations similar to yours, to assist your recovery.

But at the end of the day, we are only with you as our patient for the duration of the treatment session. You are the person who experiences the pain symptoms, not us. We realise that this may sometimes continue for long after the session is completed; but with continued treatment, the frequency of this occurring is expected to decrease.

“Unfortunately I have heard some horror stories where before coming to us, patients have been pushed beyond their physical limitations and pain thresholds with the therapist citing a “no pain, no gain” mentality. This subsequently aggravated the patient’s injury and delayed their recover in some cases for more than six months”

Believe me, this is not the way that treatment should be delivered for patients with musculoskeletal injuries and it is definitely not one that we practice in our business.

Hydrotherapy SydneyYou have our 100% attention.

During your treatment sessions, we are mindful of your physical limitations when prescribing exercises for you to perform.

We will be constantly engaging with you to communicate your current level of pain to us so we know where you are at, at any given time.

We do this because we simply do not want you to be bedridden for days after seeing us and negate the benefits of our treatment due to inactivity.

Should you work with us, your hydrotherapy treatment program will be designed specifically for your individual needs and will be conducted 1-on-1 with your Exercise Physiologist, where you will receive 100% attention to maximise your chance of recovery.

We plan your Recovery

When we treat our hydrotherapy patients, it is always our goal to facilitate the functional improvements necessary to progress them safely to participate in a land based Exercise Physiology treatment program.

This is ultimately where the serious changes in strength and physical function can be made; and the reason why Hydrotherapy treatment has this goal is simple…

We do not live in the water, we live on land!

So the functional improvements that are achieved in the pool need to be transferred to land.

Your Next Step…

If you would like to take the next step in your recovery, then it would be worthwhile discussing your specific situation with one of our Program Managers.

They will be able to tell you whether hydrotherapy is the form of treatment that you require right now or whether other treatments may be more suitable to assist your recovery.

Request A Free Consultation

During this Free Consultation, you will speak with one of our Program Managers over the phone for approximately 15 minutes. Our Program Managers are senior Exercise Physiologists who have been in the field for more than 5 years treating patients with musculoskeletal injuries just like yours.

The goal of this phone call is to get a better understanding of your specific situation, so that we can make recommendations as to what form of treatment would be best suited for your situation.

Should your treatment requirements match the services we offer, we would then invite you to work with us so that we can assist you in your recovery.

So if you would like to take back control of your recovery and get started with the right treatment for your situation, then simply Request A Free Call Back from one of our Program Managers by clicking the link and we will be in touch shortly.

Mobile Treatment – We Come To You

We believe that you deserve every chance of a successful recovery and that your ability to receive effective treatment should not be determined by your geographical location. Our flexibility to facilitate treatment programs at facilities throughout the Sydney metropolitan area, is one of the greatest advantages for our patients.

Reducing patient travel directly improves patient outcomes through the increased adherence to prescribed exercises due to the convenience of receiving treatment locally. For this reason, we are committed to treating you at a facility that is close by to your home or workplace; removing any barriers that may prevent you from adhering to your treatment.

Hydrotherapy Treatment

As you can see from the map, we operate across the Sydney metropolitan area utilising a number of different pool facilities that meet our own specified hydrotherapy requirements.

PLEASE NOTE: We are NOT limited by using only the hydrotherapy locations shown.

*** If you have a pool facility nearby that is not listed on our website, most of the time we can still utilise that facility to provide you with treatment. All we will need is agreement from the facility that they are happy for us to utilise their pool facility to treat you (and the facility meets our hydrotherapy requirements).***